10 Exercises to Become Taller In One Week

10 exercises to become taller in one week you may have different reasons for dreaming of becoming taller perhaps your partner is towering over you and you feel uncomfortable because of that maybe your family is tall and you just don't want to lag behind however everybody knows that the height depends on many factors.

Environment hormones your genes and nutrition but if you've always believed that you must just grin and bear it think twice it's hard but not impossible to change your height even after 25 the thing is that people grow until they reach the age of 20 to 25.

10 Exercises to Become Taller In One Week
Become Taller

Then your chances to add an inch or two seem to come to an end what's more after 40 your body starts to shrink however some exercises may help you become taller some of them are just so effective that it may take less than a week for you to see the results. 

Here's several recommendations that will help you to increase your height just keep in mind that the result will depend on your age and if you're older than 25 you won't have to buy longer pants suddenly.

1. Hanging exercises:- This exercise is extremely convenient as you don't need any special equipment to do it surely, if you go to the gym you can use pull-up bars but if you don't have time or wish to do any sports just a tree branch check how safe it is first or the monkey bars at the nearest playground will be enough all you need to do is hold onto the bars tightly and try to hang not touching the ground with your feet for as long as you can position your palms so that they face away from you relax your body it should feel loose start with 20 seconds.

Then gradually increase the time there's several benefits of this exercise first of all this is an antigravity one secondly every muscle in your body stretches when you hang these stretch muscles receive more blood as it circulates better in the stretched limbs what's more oxygen moves better in the whole body all in all this leads to a gradual natural stretch.

2. Downward dog to do this exercise get down on your hands and knees your hands should be in front of your shoulders raise your knees from the floor your tailbone should be lifted towards the ceiling, push your heels toward the floor gently this will help to stretch the hamstrings you should stay this way for 5 to 10 seconds.

The effect will be best if you repeat this five times as for the benefits of this post they are numerous in respect to becoming taller,  this exercise improves stretch ability which includes arms legs back calves and hamstrings and a well stretched body is a taller body.

3. Cobra pose for the next exercise you'll need a sports mat lie down on the floor your palms should stay facedown position near the middle of your ribs your legs should be together the tops of your feet flat on the floor use your back muscles not your arms to lift the chest from the floor stay this way for 20 seconds.

This exercise helps to stretch all the muscles in your chest shoulders and abdominals what's more it has several additional benefits such as decreasing the stiffness of the lower back increasing flexibility strengthening your shoulders and arms and firming and toning the buttocks.

4. Cat and Cow stretch take a position on your hands and knees slowly press your spine up and arch your back this is the cat pose stay this way for five seconds, then change the position to the cow pose scoop your spine in lift your head and press the shoulder blades back repeat this step ten times.

This exercise stretches your torso back and neck what's more it makes your spine alignments better also it helps abdominal muscles get stronger relieves back pain and calms you down.

5. Calves stretch  face the wall standing a bit more than an arm's length away step forward with your right leg your left leg should be extended behind you with the heel flat on the floor.

Start to bend your right knee pressing down on the heel of your left leg stay this way for about five seconds.

Then switch the legs as you become more acquainted with this exercise increase the duration,  you stay in the position up to 20 seconds and more this process will help you to lengthen your calf muscles, don't forget to breathe during the exercise relaxing and avoiding the urge to tense.

6. Stretch sit down on a chair it should properly support your back start to bend your chin until it touches your chest if it's hard to do bend your neck as far as it can go without you feeling pain stay. In this position for 20 seconds raise your head repeat this five times then tilt your head back as if you want to see the Stars stay this way for 20 seconds.

Then straighten your head repeat this exercise five times such movements called flex stretching the neck forward and extension stretching the neck backward help to elongate the muscles in your neck and a longer neck will give you additional height.

7. Hip flexor stretch:- This exercise will super effectively stretch your hip flexors to begin with get down on your left knee positioning your right foot on the floor in front of you put your hands on the right knee at the same time, pressing your hips forwards.

 You should feel a good stretch in your hip flexors stay in this pose for 30 seconds.

Then switch legs to make the stretch more intense lift your arms over your head and arch your body back.

8. Lifting up to your toes:-  This exercise is popularly known as vibration gymnastics , there have been claims that by regular practice.
 It can even prolong your life by decades stand straight with your heels raised about two inches hold and fall back on your heels repeat this for thirty seconds, and  eight to ten times a day.

When your heels are raised the largest blood vessels are filled with blood due to muscle contraction and when the heels are dropped back down the blood turns around and immediately starts moving towards your heart.

Thus reducing the strain on it at the same time blood gets access to all the muscles thus allowing them to stretch much better.

9. Skipping:- Skipping is another way to become taller this is a heart pumping activity what is more this is a high-speed activity and when you skip all the muscles and ligaments of your body stretch and contract as a result they become more elastic additionally skipping makes the whole body slimmer and with a slimmer body you look taller.

10. Swimming:- Swimming is one of the most effective exercises to gain height the thing is that it stretches both the body and the spot moreover when a person is swimming gravitation doesn't affect them so when they keep moving their muscles this stretches the body extremely well simultaneously having a great effect on the spine while it gets longer the most fruitful swimming style is the breaststroke.

When you use it while swimming you extend your legs and arms straight so your body is pulled in the opposite direction and well stretched try to swim a minimum of five days a week for several hours and you'll see noticeable results  are you satisfied with your height if not.

What exercises do you use to become taller , tell us in the comments below and Share this post with those of your friends who have been dreaming of gaining several inches for ages.
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