How To Lose 10 Pounds Weight in A Week

How to lose 10 pounds weight in one week if you're sick of drawing every single diet without seeing results this will be the most effective daily meal plan if you want to lose 10 pounds in one week.

How To Lose 10 Pounds in A Week
Loss 10 Pounds in a Week

This simple one week diet will detox your body and prepare it for melting 10 pounds of fat. 
Now remember for this plan to work you must avoid fatty foods, as it will only add more fat. Remember again you have a huge say in what you look like now let's jump right to it. 


You should start your day with a lemon drink which is one glass of water and three tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon. 

Mix it well and drink it on an empty stomach and daily before your breakfast this drink will cleanse your liver from all the toxins and prepare and activate your metabolism for digestion during the day.

After one hour the lemon water should have passed through your digestive system you can now eat either two apples or two oranges or one grapefruit if the food is not enough and you're still hungry you can also add half a cup of nuts or almonds.

This combination of fruits and nuts will provide you with the nutrients and healthy fats for the whole day.
The calorie contents of nuts will keep your stomach full and satisfied.


Your lunch should Consists of pure protein such as fish chicken or dairy, for example. You can have 5 ounces of boneless chicken breast or 5 ounces of organic veal.

To the proportion of meat, you can also add one container of Greek yogurt. The lunch will keep you full for three to four hours which is the time needed to digest the food.

You can also add banana which is quite rich in protein and normalizes your bowels. This will help to clean your body from all the toxins.


You should have in mind that dinner should be before 6 p.m, and after that you should not eat anything. After 6 p.m, you should give your digestive system a rest and only consume water and tea.

Your dinner shake consists of two hard boil eggs and green salad with slices of cucumber, extra-virgin olive oil and a little salt.

After dinner, you should make yourself a one liter of green tea which mates three to four cups of tea. By drinking only three cups of green tea you will burn 80 calories.

Stick to this diet and you will lose at least 10 pounds in one week.
Remember being consistent will give you massive results, hence getting the body you've always desired.

So Friends these are some simple topics to lose 10 Pounds weight in a week. If you have any query related this post. Then comment below in the box. 
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